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QIPS as a conduit to career growth and leadership

Major Themes

Quality Improvement, Professional Development, Leadership Competencies

QIPS as a conduit to career growth and leadership

Dr. Prashant Phalpher

Dr. Prashant is the Medical Director, Digital health, at William Osler Health System. He is the Emergency Department Lead for Ontario Health (Central). He is also an Assistant Professor at McMaster University.


    - Illustrate how HI/QI/PS skills can be applied in a variety of clinical and administrative leadership roles

    - Discuss how to scale HI/QI/PS innovations beyond your organization, including learning from successful entrepreneurs

    - Share strategies for creating lasting change by integrating the science of adaptive leadership, change management, and coaching with HI/QI/PS skills

    LIVE SESSION: Module 4 - happening Tuesday January 25th, 2022 @18:00 EST
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