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Interactive virtual cases for emergency medicine physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic

LHSC-CF-Interactive Virtual Cases

London Health Sciences Center (ED)

Continuing professional development activities often involve interactive learning modalities, such as simulation. The COVID-19 pandemic limited many in-hospital activities, at a time when practicing high stress procedural scenarios and testing rapidly evolving processes was coveted. Thus, an interactive virtual case curriculum was conceptualized, piloted, and implemented to provide ongoing professional development for emergency medicine (EM) physicians. Each interactive virtual case consisted of: (1) an online scenario delivered in survey format with multiple pathways dependent on participant responses; (2) a facilitated 1-h online debrief 1 week later; and (3) a summary document detailing key learning points distributed to all EM physicians, regardless of participation. This reproducible interactive virtual learning model influenced EM physician practice and confidence, improved participation in continuing professional development activities, and identified departmental areas for improvement. Participants have expressed a desire for these interactive virtual cases to continue for beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Authors: Chantal Forristal, Julie J Kim

Chantal Forristal -

Project complete

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