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Artificial Intelligence in Emergency Medicine: Surmountable Barriers With Revolutionary Potential

SMH-AA-Artificial Intelligence in EM

St. Michael's Hospital (ED)

Artificial   intelligence just might be the next major technologic breakthrough to affect   health care delivery, with seemingly endless possibilities for the   improvement of patient care and optimization of the health care system   overall. Simply defined, artificial intelligence is a field of computer   science focused on enabling computers to complete tasks or generate knowledge   that, in the traditional sense, would typically require human intelligence.   Within the topic of artificial intelligence, there are the fields of machine   learning and deep learning. Machine learning refers to the ability of   computer systems to automatically improve their functioning, or “learn,” in   accordance with continued exposure to data, as opposed to being explicitly   coded to complete to a specific task. Deep learning similarly works to   determine relationships between inputs and outputs, but leverages a more   complex network of nodes between the inputs and outputs that enable deep   learning algorithms to more accurately solve complex problems.

Authors: Kiran Grant, Aidan McParland, Shaun Mehta, Alun D. Ackery

Planning/ Thinking stage

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