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Mitigating staff risk in the workplace: the use of RFID technology during a COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

SMH-SM- RFID Mitigates Risk

St. Michael's Hospital (ED)

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to persons or objects to create a real-time location system. There are a variety of previously described use cases in healthcare that involve tagging patients, hospital personnel, medications and equipment in order to optimize clinical workflow and expenditure. In our opinion, such functionality can further be exploited to identify risks to staff safety and implement preventative mechanisms to address possible high-risk events through real-time alerts and accurate location information. Furthermore, an increasingly pertinent application to mitigate staff safety risks involves the use of RFID tags to implement robust contact tracing programmes and ensure adherence to infection control standards during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Authors: Shaun Mehta, Kiran Grant, Cori Atlin, Alun Ackery

Planning/ Thinking stage

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