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HiQuiPs Innovations

Explore below to browse some of HiQuiPs past programming and Introducing the next step in the evolution of the Canadian Healthcare QI community.

In collaboration with:


Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians



McMaster University Program for Faculty Development (PFD)

Incubator Update: 

The incubator has received CME accreditation!

Incubatees are eligible for up to 25.5 CFPC Mainpro+credits or 25.5 RCPSC MOC hours!

Application Update:

Application is now closed

Program Background

Program Objectives

Build a Community of Practice

Educate Beyond the Basics


Content Dissemination

  1. Further the strong community of practice in quality improvement, patient safety, and health informatics in healthcare by:

    • Providing opportunities for coaching on HI/QI/PS projects

    • Bringing together peers to network, discuss HI/QI/PS literature, and provide feedback on local operational development

  2. Expose participants to "beyond the basics" concepts in HI/QI/PS, including its overlap with healthcare management, ancillary design tools, behavioural science and more 

  3. Create novel content for dissemination of  HI/QI/PS including #FOAMed



Live Session Dates

Live Session
Dates (all starting at 18:00 EST)
Module 1: Design Thinking
Tuesday September 14th 2021
Module 2: Patient Safety
Tuesday October 19th 2021
Module 3: Operational QI
Tuesday November 30th, 2021
Module 4: Career Growth
Tuesday January 25th, 2022
Module 5: Sharing Results
Tuesday March 8th 2022
Module 6: Health Informatics
Tuesday April 19th 2022
Module 7: Transcending Healthcare
Click 'Featured Speakers' from the Incubator dropdown menu in the top right corner for more information



This year's application cycle is between April 30th and June 16 2021.

The Incubator runs from September 2021 to June 2022 and will conclude with an event celebrating the group's achievements throughout the course of the program.

Extended Deadline: June 23rd

Cost of Application: $1,200 CAD.

Applications are now closed, however, if you have any questions or are still interested, please email


​Because this is a 'beyond the basics program', we are looking for incubatees with any of the following: 

  • Formal education in HI/QI/PS

  • Work-related HI/QI/PS experience

  • Currently hold a HI/QI/PS position at their institution

Incubatees are welcome from any healthcare setting. Whether you're a nurse, physician, administrator, respiratory therapist, physiotherapist, social worker, or any other healthcare practitioner, we want to work with you! 
Interested applicants should send us:

  • An up to date CV

  • A letter of intent

  • UPDATE: 1 letter of support - reduced from 2 to help facilitate the application process during these demanding times

    • The letter of support can be submitted up until July 1st​

Watch the video below to learn more from Dr. Shawn Mondoux and Dr. Lucas Chartier about the all new incubator program from Hiquips!

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