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DIY Safety Mask



Learn about important foundations of patient safety like safety culture, patient handovers, transitions of care, communication, reporting patient safety events, and more!

Nurse Talking to Patient

Patient Safety in the ED Part 1 – Introduction and the Role of the Patient Safety Culture 

The evolution of patient safety paradigms and shifting from a focus on individual errors towards a systems-based approach

Hospital Corridor

Patient Safety in the ED Part 2 – Key Concepts in the Systems-Based Patient Safety Paradigm

Delve deeper into patient safety terminology and concepts that support the systems-based approach

Emergency Rooms

Patient Safety in the ED Part 3 – The Role of Safety Culture in a Patient Safety Program 

The role that ED culture has in supporting (or hindering) patient safety

Pharmacists' hands

Patient Safety in the ED Part 4 – Patient Handovers and Transitions of Care

Learn more about barriers and potential harms in transitions of care in the ED as well as ways to mitigate risk by using standardized tools

Doctor's Appointment

Patient Safety in the ED Part 5 – Patient Communication in the ED 

How effective communication can impact patient care, the barriers to effective communication with patients and strategies to improve patient communication in the ED

Two Pens

Reporting Patient Safety Events in the Emergency Department

How safety event reporting systems can improve patient care, quality and safety


Checklists and the Hierarchy of Effectiveness

Explore the hierarchy of effectiveness and how checklists can be used as a tool for improved patient safety (plus some easy tips on how to improve your checklists today!)


Hosting More Effective Morbidity & Mortality Rounds

Some helpful tips on how to improve and make the most of your M&M presentations

Hospital Corridor

Sim to Win!

Read about using simulation for Latent Safety Threat and the TRUST study

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