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An Introduction to HiQuiPs Blog Posts

Are you starting a local quality improvement project in your department? Or is there a safety issue that triggered an incident report? How about a new electronic health record system at your site that clinicians need to learn how to make the best out of? Clinician scorecards? A new system of audits? Have to complete a root cause analysis? So much change is happening these days in our complex healthcare environments, and it can be challenging to know where to look for information.

Welcome to the HiQuiPs blog, or as we like to pronounce it “Hiccups”. HiQuiPs is a series that will cover a wide array of topics within the intertwined fields of Health Informatics, Quality Improvement, and Patient Safety as they relate to Healthcare. We also curate posts from content experts and collaborate with organizations locally, nationally and beyond to bring interesting and informative content. Our goal is to remove any hiccups from your workflow! We hope to disseminate this knowledge to help infuse our healthcare system with a culture of high quality, safe, and technologically advanced care.

In our first two years the blog attracted over 70,000 page views. We launched on our partner site CanadiEM. While our initial posts were tailored to emergency medicine, we have expanded our scope to cover all facets of healthcare. In our first two years we have also attained top Abstract Awards at the Canadian Association of Emergency Medicine Conference and the International Conference on Residency Education.

Whether you are new to these fields or you have been working on projects for many years, the HiQuiPs series will be of interest to you. The series aims to introduce high yield and practical information. From basic theory to implementation approaches, as well as expert advice on key topics, we hope to equip your toolkit with useful approaches that you can take with you to your clinical work day or project. Our plan is to introduce basic theory and build on it with practical advice, common mistakes, and fresh insights. We are also always open to new ideas and feedback, feel free to let us know what you think

Ahmed Taher


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