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A free, open-access central hub for all things Health Informatics, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety for Canadian Healthcare and beyond

Welcome to HiQuiPs!

Welcome to HiQuiPs, or as we like to pronounce it, “Hiccups”. HiQuiPs is a free open access medical education (FOAMed) series that covers a wide array of topics within the intertwined fields of Health Informatics, Quality Improvement, and Patient Safety. Our goal is to remove any hiccups from your workflow!

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Ready to find out more?


Run in proud partnership with CanadiEM and with over 35 posts to choose from, the HiQuiPs Blog is your one-stop-shop for all things Health Informatics, Quality Improvement & Patient Safety. Start learning today!


Check out our self-built registry of health informatics, quality improvement, and patient safety projects across Canada launched fall of 2021. Aimed at increasing collaboration between healthcare providers, this registry allows you to easily search and find the projects you are looking for. Start browsing today!


Check out our open access collection of foundational health informatics, quality improvement and patient safety articles. Aimed at increasing the quality of education and research in QI, PS, and HI; this repository was created to act as an introductory first-step to anyone interested in exploring these fields in more detail.

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