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Featured Speakers

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Dr. Rahat Hossain


About the Speaker:

Rahat Hossain is a resident physician at the University of Toronto. A trainer and facilitator at the Institute for Change Leaders, he founded HEART (“Health and Equity through Advocacy, Research, and Transformation”), a program which transforms stories gathered from people experiencing marginalization into participatory, research-based theatre as a platform for policymaking.

Seminar Date: November 2nd, 2021 @18:00 EST


Focus: Improving quality of care and safety for socially disadvantaged patients through patient partners

  • Understanding barriers to providing safe and high quality care of socially disadvantaged patients 

  • Appreciating the use of patient partners to optimize care delivery to socially disadvantaged patients 

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Dr. Jennifer Bryan


About the Speaker:

Dr. Jennifer Bryan is an emergency physician at the University Health Network in Toronto. She is the Director of Operations of the Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration in Emergency Medicine (TAAAC-EM) and an Assistant Professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Seminar Date: February 8th, 2022 @18:00 EST


Focus: Anti-Black racism and sickle cell disease: Creating a UHN-community collaboration and co-designing a QI initiative

  • Recognize opportunities for applying QI principles in addressing barriers due to stigma and racism

  • Describe the benefits of community collaboration in QI work

  • Take the first steps in establishing community partnerships in QI initiatives

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Dr. Carys Massarella


About the Speaker:

Dr. Carys Massarella is ranked as one of the 50 Canadians advancing big ideas. She is the lead physician in a transgender care clinic and a world-renowned expert on providing health care to trans patients.

Seminar Date: May 3rd, 2022 @18:00 EST



Focus: Transgender Health and Quality Improvement

  • Learn unique challenges to provision of high quality care for transgender patients 

  • Learn opportunities for improvement for transgender patient care 


Dr. Lisa Richardson


About the Speaker:

Dr. Richardson is a clinician-educator in the University of Toronto's Division of General Internal Medicine and practices at the University Health Network. She is a Centre Researcher at the Wilson Centre with a scholarly focus on integrating critical, Indigenous and other perspectives from the social sciences and humanities into medical education.

Seminar Date: TBA


  • Conceptualization of cultural safety as a quality indicator

  • Understanding barriers to providing safe and high quality care to indigenous patients 

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