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Browse your favourite infographics on all things Health Informatics, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. Click on the posts below to start learning today!


Health Informatics

Learn about the role that technology and informatics can play in 21st-century healthcare!

Doctor with Computer

Introduction to Virtual Care – General Principles

With virtual care becoming more prominent throughout the pandemic, HiQuiPs is bringing you a new series dissecting virtual care within the healthcare space, and particularly as it relates to the ED. Click below to read the first portion of the series!


Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE): Using Health Informatics to Decrease Adverse Drug Events

Understand what CPOEs are, how they can address adverse drug events, and ways to address the issues that can arise with CPOEs

Image by Marek Levák

Electronic Health Record Systems and the ED

Part 1 – Introduction

Explore the components of a supportive electronic health record system, and the different ways in which they have evolved 

Quality Improvement

From project design to implementation, data collection, analysis and publication, we've got you covered!

Business Graphs

Quality of Care in the ED

Simplified approach to understanding healthcare quality measures and how they apply to the emergency department. 

Stand Up Meeting

Preparation Part 1: General Considerations for a QI Project in the ED

A core summary of the first steps of initiating a quality improvement project: form a team and establish roles, and develop a SMART aim statement for the project


Preparation Part 2: Stakeholder Engagement and Behaviour Change

Understanding how to outline the key stakeholders that are relevant to your quality improvement project, and identifying the elements to behaviour change that may affect your intervention

Patient Safety

Read about safety culture, patient handovers, transitions of care, communication, patient safety events, and more!

Nurse Talking to Patient

Patient Safety in the ED Part 1 – Introduction and the Role of the Patient Safety Culture 

The evolution of patient safety paradigms and shifting from a focus on individual errors towards a systems-based approach

Hospital Corridor

Patient Safety in the ED Part 2 – Key Concepts in the Systems-Based Patient Safety Paradigm

Delve deeper into patient safety terminology and concepts that support the systems-based approach

Emergency Rooms

Patient Safety in the ED Part 3 – The Role of Safety Culture in a Patient Safety Program 

The role that ED culture has in supporting (or hindering) patient safety