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Residents' perspective of quality improvement and patient safety education in Canadian emergency medicine residency programs

CAN-ST-QIPS Residency Education

Canadian Medical Schools (ED)

Objectives Quality improvement and patient safety (QIPS) competencies are increasingly important in emergency medicine (EM) and are now included in the CanMEDS framework. We conducted a survey aimed at determining the Canadian EM residents' perspectives on the level of QIPS education and support available to them. Methods An electronic survey was distributed to all Canadian EM residents from the Royal College and Family Medicine training streams. The survey consisted of multiple-choice, Likert, and free-text entry questions aimed at understanding familiarity with QIPS, local opportunities for QIPS projects and mentorship, and the desire for further QIPS education and involvement. Results Of 535 EM residents, 189 (35.3%) completed the survey, representing all 17 medical schools; 77.2% of respondents were from the Royal College stream; 17.5% of respondents reported that QIPS methodologies were formally taught in their residency program; 54.7% of respondents reported being "somewhat" or "very" familiar with QIPS; 47.2% and 51.5% of respondents reported either "not knowing" or "not having readily available" opportunities for QIPS projects and QIPS mentorship, respectively; 66.9% of respondents indicated a desire for increased QIPS teaching; and 70.4% were interested in becoming involved with QIPS training and initiatives. Conclusions Many Canadian EM residents perceive a lack of QIPS educational opportunities and support in their local setting. They are interested in receiving more QIPS education, as well as project and mentorship opportunities. Supporting residents with a robust QIPS educational and mentorship framework may build a cohort of providers who can enhance the local delivery of care.

Authors: Sachin V. Trivedi, Riley J. Hartmann, Justin N. Hall, Laila Nasser, Danielle Porplycia, Edmund S. H. Kwok, Lucas B. Chartier

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