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Reducing continuous pulse oximetry use in the emergency department for infants with mild to moderate bronchiolitis

IWK-KG-Reducing Pulse Oximetry

IWK Health (Peds ED)

The aim of this project is to reduce the use of continuous pulse oximetry for infants with bronchiolitis in a pediatric ED. Infants with bronchiolitis have frequent and sustained desaturations that in isolation are poor predictors of severity of disease. Overuse can cause harm by increasing admissions and causing alarm fatigue among staff. QI methodology has been successfully used to reduce continuous oximetry use in inpatient settings. This is a 3-part project. In phase one we will conduct a prospective observational study to document baseline use of pulse oximetry in our emergency department. In phase 2 we will conduct focus groups with nurses, physicians and caregivers to understand barriers and facilitators to decreasing continuous oximetry use. In phase 3 we will design and implement a QI bundle based on the first two phases to decrease use using PDSA cycles and statistical process control to measure impact of the bundle. The main outcome measure will be the proportion of infants with mild to moderate bronchiolitis and oxygen saturation > 90% in triage who are placed on continuous pulse oximetry while in the ED.

Preliminary data gathering/ baseline

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