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Coronavirus disease – 2019 assessment zone: A community hospital's rapid response to a novel infectious pandemic

NYGH-RM-COVID Assessment Zone

North York General Hospital (ED)

During the coronavirus disease–2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, emergency departments (EDs) have had to adapt to assessing higher volumes of patients under droplet isolation. The enhanced protection zone represents our solution to assessing significantly higher volumes of patients while adhering to infection prevention standards. It was constructed in less than 1.5 days. Our design   represents a viable model for others who need a rapidly deployable physical   area, separate from the main ED. Here we briefly describe our enhanced protection zone with the hope that others may benefit from our experience.

Authors: Dr. Rohit Mohindra, Dr. Cori Atlin, Ms. Carla Moran, Ms. Ann Shook, Ms. Andrea Ennis, Ms. Jennifer Page, Ms. Marisa Vaglica, and Dr. Paul Hannam

Rohit Mohindra -

Project complete

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