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Attitudes Toward Influenza Vaccination Administration in the Emergency Department Among Patients: A Cross-Sectional Survey

QEII-NO-Physicians ED Influenza Vaccination

Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre (ED)

Introduction: Influenza is a serious, vaccine-preventable illness. The current vaccination rates in Canada are below target rates, highlighting the potential need for more convenient ways to receive vaccinations. Wait times to be seen in Canadian emergency departments are escalating, and using the time spent waiting to offer and administer an influenza vaccine could potentially improve ease of access to immunization for some Canadians. 

Methods: The aim of this cross-sectional study was to gauge public interest and identify perceived barriers and facilitators to influenza vaccine availability in a Canadian emergency and trauma center. Anonymous questionnaires were completed by a convenience sample of adult patients classified as low acuity (n = 151) as 1 arm of a 2-arm study. 

Results: Of the unvaccinated patients, 34.6% expressed willingness to be vaccinated in the emergency department. The patients who had received a vaccine in the previous year were significantly more willing to accept the vaccine in the emergency department (_2 [1] = 23.78, P < 0.001). The 3 top factors associated with having received vaccination in the previous year include trust in vaccine information (_2 [2] = 27.34, P < 0.001), immunity preferences (_2 [2] = 32.25, P < 0.001), and beliefs about efficacy (_2 [2] = 44.90, P < 0.001). 

Discussion: Patients classified as low acuity were supportive of ED influenza vaccination. In addition, some of the unvaccinated participants had unmet education needs (ie, regarding trustworthy sources of vaccine information, immunity, and vaccine efficacy) that would require addressing before they would likely consider receiving influenza vaccination in future during their ED visit.

Authors: Noelle Ozog, Audrey Steenbeek, Janet Curran, Nikki Kelly, Samuel Campbell

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