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From the COVID-19 pandemic to human-centred design in healthcare, learn about how modern challenges have changed the quality improvement landscape!

Book Stack

HiQuiPs: Year in Review 

Learning about biomedical and health informatics, examples of them in emergency medicine practice, and their role in the Canadian context

Covid 19

ED Quality Improvement in the time of COVID

Using the QI paradigm during large scale, highly dynamic changes that EDs are facing during this pandemic

Safety Mask

In Situ Simulation and High Reliability Organizations in the time of COVID-19

 Blending QI and simulation to rapidly identify latent safety threats and adapt to changing circumstances

Brain Sketch

Human-Centered Design in Healthcare

Leveraging the Human-Centered Design process in healthcare

Man with Mask

Root Cause Analysis in the Time of COVID-19

Adapting to meeting virtually when completing root cause analyses during the COVID-19 pandemic

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